How To Survive The Holiday Season Without Going Crazy!

How To Survive The Holiday Season Without Going Crazy!
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The Extras of the Holiday Season…Extra Stress, Extra weight…Extra Stress!!!

Tomorrow is Christmas day and for some, today is going to be a frantic rush to finish up shopping for gifts, Christmas dinner and stocking stuffers.   While lines run long, patience may run short and you may find yourself becoming angry over the littlest of things.

Over Estimating

So many times we find ourselves over-estimating our abilities and underestimating the time it will take us to get things done..  For example, I decided to make all the presents for my co-workers and the gift for our Dirty Santa (or White Elephant) party we were having.  In my mind, they looked easy enough. But oh my, was I wrong!

The Idea

These are two of the projects I made. By the time I finished them, I was sleep deprived and stressed beyond words…but I still had more to do!  I also made 2 rice filled heating pads and 4 jars of hand-made lotion.  Thinking it would be easy to find plain, white cotton gloves, I saved that for last.  Big mistake!!  Do you have any idea how hard it was to find them?  And finally after 3 towns, 4 stores and paying more for the last 2 pair than I did for all the rest combined. I was done.  So why you may ask was it so stressful?

Planning Is The Key To Survival

Planning could have had something to do with it…or lack there of.  I am a planner, I plan everything.  I have to because, A)  My schedule is so hectic that, B)  I forget things….a lot!!!  So I plan.  Usually.  This year however, it seems that time got away from me and before I knew it, I only had a week before our party at work and you guessed it…I hadn’t started on a thing!  


So instead of having a plan B…I plunged ahead with my original idea and went with it.  Do I regret it?  Yes and no.  I regret it because, let’s face it.  When anyone is under that kind of pressure, the frustration is going to come out and we general snap at those around us….and I’m no different.  I’m not proud of it and have apologized to my wonderful husband for my less than cheerful holiday attitude. And no because everyone loved the gifts and it brought them joy.  That was the intent so I don’t regret that part of it.


And then there’s the whole weight thing….it seems that the time between Thanksgiving and New Years always comes with a few extra pounds.  We find ourselves eating more, working out less (due to all the festivities!), stressed out and if you are like me…eating more due to the stress!!

Let It Go!!!

So, what do we do?  Let it go.  Okay, so I know that I’ve over-indulged in work, stress and food over the last few weeks.  I also know that there is NOTHING I can do about what is already done.  So, I let it go and try to do better today…this moment.


Tomorrow is Christmas.  A day for celebrating the birth of our Savior with family and friends.  Don’t allow what is done to steal your joy from what you are doing.  Let it go.  Smile, laugh, sing and enjoy the season for what it’s meant to be.

I hope and pray that all of you will have a very Merry Christmas!



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