How To Choose Joy

How To Choose Joy
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So you may ask what happened?  Where have I been?  Why haven’t I posted in a while?  Well….

I’ve been struggling.  You see, even the most positive of people can have a hard time sometimes and that’s where I’ve been.  Due to extenuating circumstances at work (my full-time job), my brain was on overload and I had to take a step back just to keep my sanity.

Then the negative thoughts came flooding in.  You know the ones…..

How can you teach someone something you haven’t mastered yourself?  Obviously, you aren’t good enough!  You can’t do this!  What were you thinking starting a blog!  YOU’RE CRAZY FOR THINKING YOU COULD DO THIS!!!!  Whoa there, Missy…See how easy it is to let it get out of hand!

Okay….so now you know where I’ve been; let me tell you where I am now.  Thanks to some wonderful advise from a person I highly admire in the blogging community, Kathleen Clemins, I’m back on track.  She reminded me..I AM good enough!  That you; my audience, my online family, don’t want the perfect person…the one who has already arrived…you want the REAL person.  The one who struggles just like you do.  The one who is right there on the journey with you.  So, here I am…right beside you on the road to positive thinking.  We will link arms and together, change our thoughts to change our world!

So you may ask what’s changed.  My job?  Eventually, but not right at first.  My finances?  No.  So what then…my attitude!  That’s it.  I CHOOSE to allow what stays in my mind…and what doesn’t!  I choose to not allow the negative comments to take root and live in my mind.  I immediately replace them with something positive.  I choose to be nice to others regardless of their race, gender or religion.  The point is….I CHOOSE.  It really is a choice and you have the same choices I do, regardless of your circumstances, social status, race, gender or religion.  You have the choice of how you look at the world AND how you react to it.

So you may ask where I’m going….


It may be step-by-step.

Someday’s inch-by-inch but always moving forward…

with you…

never letting go of your hand.

Together we will make it!


Until next time…have a blessed day!



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