Meal Replacements…Where Do They Fit In

Meal Replacements…Where Do They Fit In
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Disclaimer – I am a health coach for Take Shape For Life.  In this post I am not promoting one company over any other.  I simply want to give you information on your options.

When I lost my weight a couple of years ago, I went through  a company that offers meal replacements to help simplify the process.  It worked great!  I lost 20 lbs in 2 months so I was very satisfied with the experience….but….I don’t want to stay on them for the rest of my life.  I found myself relying on them instead of eating whole foods and I don’t think that’s healthy.  While many companies (including the one I used) have come a long way and are now discontinuing the use of artificial sweeteners, colors and preservatives, I still think whole, real foods are best.

So what are the pluses of Meal Replacements or MRE’s?  The number one plus is convenience!  They really do simplify everything,  For the most part it’s grab and go and in our hectic lives that’s definitely a good thing!  Many of the companies today have a variety of different foods to choose from like bars, shakes, soups, crunchers, frozen dinners and desserts.  There’s literally something for everyone!  For the most part they are either ready to eat or microwavable so easy to use as well.  With my hectic life, they helped me stay on track and portion my meals.  Which brings me to the second plus…portion control.  For most people, portion control is a huge obstacle.  It’s so hard to know just how much is enough or when you’ve over done it!  So the MRE’s help tremendously to simplify that aspect.  The third thing would have to be nutrition.  Now this one can be tricky and you really have to read your labels.  Not all Meal Replacements are the same.  Some are loaded with junk and I’m not just talking about artificial sweeteners, colors and preservatives… I’m talking real junk.  So read, read, read your labels.  But, having said that, the good ones really do work.  They can provide necessary vitamins and minerals to help get you healthy as well as help you lose weight.

So you are probably wondering which one I used.  Take Shape For Life is the company I went with (and became a Health Coach with).  I chose TSFL because of the Health Coaching aspect that didn’t cost any extra.  There was a live person to call when I needed anything…and I do mean anything!  It gave me the help when I needed it.  There are others out there such as Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig.  You can also choose a plan called I Love This Diet that uses frozen dinners from the supermarket!  This one can be high in sodium and doesn’t offer any support but it is affordable and if you are careful (again, read your labels!), it can be a good option.

So, having said all that I will reiterate that whole, real foods are the BEST option but if your schedule is stuffed to the gills and you are overwhelmed with what to do, meal replacements may be a good option for you.

Let me know what your opinions are and if any of you have used a Meal Replacements, I’d love to hear about your experience!   I hope this simplify the process of losing weight and helps you get healthy.




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  1. Deborah Moerschel

    what kind of MRE’s do you suggest apart from tsfl?

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