In The Eye Of The Storm – Hurricane Matthew

In The Eye Of The Storm – Hurricane Matthew
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Today’s post is supposed to be about food but to be honest, my mind is elsewhere.  Hurricane Matthew has my hometown in its sights and my thoughts and prayers are with all my family and friends who are still there.  When a storm of this magnitude is headed towards a place that you love; a place that holds such wonderful memories; your mind starts remembering things you haven’t thought about in years.  Like…

All the times my friends and I spent walking up and down Miracle City Mall.  It wasn’t like the malls of today that are so big you can get lost in them but we would walk from one end to the other and then turn around and do it again.  And all the hours we spent in Musicland bugging the workers there….yes, we ALL had a crush on Mark!  And having an Orange Julius, talking and laughing like young teenage girls do.  And speaking of those girl friends…dressing up like your favorite band and proudly wearing the Roller Gear!

Or watching the Apollo Space shots go up from our front yard….yes, I really lived that close.  Titusville Florida is right across from the VAB building and the launch pads.  It would rattle the windows in our house and the night shots were something to behold!

Who remembers driving out to the river and sitting there with all your friends for HOURS on Friday and Saturday night?  No electronics.  No phones going off every few seconds with everyone texting  and snap chatting.  You just had good music, good friends and good fun!


Titusville has come a long way from the small town of my younger years.   Much has changed with the loss of the Space Shuttle Program the town is coming into it’s own once again.    Downtown is once again a place for people to meet and from what I understand a pretty happenin’ place now.


I pray that this storm will not change it before I can visit once again.

So my heart is with all of my family and friends who are in the Central Florida area.  I love you all and may God cover you with one hand and move Matthew back out to sea with the other.

If anyone wants to share memories of their own on here, please feel free to do so.



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  1. Deborah Moerschel

    I have spent the last 20 years visiting our 2 children & family’s in Daytona Beach and in Orlando. My heart is sadden for all my family and so many of my friends families in the FL area and I too pray for God’s protection over them all; especially those that can’t make it out of the area and into shelters. May God raise His shield of protection over them all and keep them safe. Thank you God for Your peace to us all (even us families up north) in this horrific storm. Amen

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