5 Ways To Stay Cool While Working Out When It’s Hot

5 Ways To Stay Cool While Working Out When It’s Hot
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Check with your physician before starting any new workout or exercise program

I don’t know about you but it’s HOT here in Tennessee!  So hot that just the thought of exercising outside makes me sweat!  What do you do when it’s this hot?  I know some who would say, “Just forget it!”  But is that wise?  Not if you want to keep any ground on the progress you’ve made.   Believe me….I know!  The price you pay for even missing a few days in a row is high.  But why?  How?  If  you workout religiously, it’s good for you to take a (small) break sometimes.  However, the biggest price you will pay is mental.  It takes 21 days to create a routine and only 5 days to break one!  So how do we keep ourselves motivated during these scorching hot days?

1.  GET INSIDE!  Can you workout in a gym?  Many today don’t require a contract and you can pay monthly.  I choose to workout at home.  I have a total gym, treadmill, a few free weights and my own body!  I do a lot of body weight workouts these days.

2.  Work out to a video or T.V. program.  Speaking of working out at home, there are many fantastic DVD’s on the market today.  I highly recommend PiYo by Charlene Johnson and 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels.  Both are extremely good and have different levels so anyone can use them regardless of your fitness level.  There are also many TV. channels today that have workouts mingled throughout their daily schedules.

3.  Try Yoga.  Not only is it relaxing for the mind but it also helps to lengthen and strengthen muscles.  It is usually a slow-moving, steady movement.  So no sweat!  Unless you sign up for a Hot Yoga Class…then it’s on you!

4.  Workout in the early morning.  Sunrise is one of my favorite times of day and I love, love, love to go for a walk or run first thing!  It’s cooler and the humidity isn’t as high.

5.  Swim!  I know, I know…that’s a no-brainer…but so many of us forget!  We want convenience and almost every community has a public pool that you can use.  Are they crowded?  Sometimes, but I would bet there are times when it’s less crowded.  Ask!

So even though it’s hot outside let’s not make excuses for staying in shape.  Keep moving and before you know it, there’ll be a nip in the air!  Have a wonderful day everyone!




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