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Hi!  My name is Becky.

I call 5 acres of beautiful middle Tennessee home.  my family consists of my wonderful husband, 4 grown children who live here there and everywhere, 4 cats and one spoiled, rotten Pomeranian!

I love teaching others about how we can live peaceful, joyfilled lives in this crazy world.  God gives us everything we need in his Word…The Bible.  It is my prayer that you will be able to learn how to let go of worry, anxiety and any other negative feelings that hold you back from living the life God wants you to live.  A life of unspeakable joy!

When I first started this blog it was named Positively Living Healthy.  It was (and still is) my goal to help others learn how to think and speak more positively, eat healthier and take better care of thier minds and bodies.  Then, God reminded me that without Him none of that matters and so my focus changed somewhat to show my readers that if you will live according to the instructions given in The Bible and take care of yourselves (inside and out) as He directs, you will live more positive, healthy lives by default.

In no way do I want to imply that I am perfect or even close to it!   I am a work in progress and the road has not always been smooth.  More than once I’ve been sidetracked and have had to find my way back.   I believe all things are possible with God and with His help, I’m trying to take the lessons I’ve learned and help others avoid the same mistakes.   I am not a therapist and in no way should any information provided on this site be considered psychological counseling.

My purpose for this site is to assist others with living lives of obedience and finding salvation in Jesus Christ.  May our journey together be one that leads to peace and joy!